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How I can Help?

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You may be feeling stuck, unheard or are struggling to cope. Maybe you’ve not spoken to anyone about what is difficult for you? You might feel like you have to push through life's ups and downs, on your own.

Do you have problems trusting or allowing others into your life? Maybe you've felt let down or unsupported by the people in your life?

Or perhaps you want to make some changes and learn how to deal with things differently.

I offer you the space to explore the triggers, traumas, and issues that get in the way of connection and expression. I can help you to develop more awareness in your daily life. With greater awareness you can develop tools to build resilience and positively transform your symptoms/experiences.


You are welcome to contact me to see if therapy can help, whatever you are experiencing.

You can get support and don’t have to deal with things on your own. Whether it’s a specific issue that you are going through or reoccurring themes or challenges in your life, I provide an honouring, non-judgemental and supportive space.


Deciding to get in touch, is the first step. At this stage, we can talk more about what brings you to therapy. I can offer you an initial consultation, to see if what I offer is the right fit for you. Afterwards, I can offer you weekly sessions if you would like to move forward with therapy.



Therapy can help - If you have experienced or are experiencing:

Unmanageable thoughts & feelings/difficult moods & emotions

Mental health issues – Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma,

Self-harm, Suicidal thoughts

Abuse, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault

Bullying, Discrimination, Hate crimes

Addictions/Substance misuse/Troublesome habits

Loss/grief, Bereavement

Sex/Relationship issues

Disability/Health issues


Pregnancy-related sickness

Low self-esteem

Gender/Identity & Sexuality issues

Racial/cultural-specific issues

Conflict & Hardship

Loneliness & Isolation

Body image difficulties

Existential Crisis – lack of meaning, purpose and fulfilment

Lack of connection to yourself/Others/Higher power - Spirituality


Please feel free to call or email me if you'd like to talk.

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